Target market for infertility

I am following Brooke’s Double Your Business, and  and I have just finished CCP.
I know that I want to work with women going through infertility but that covers a large spectrum and there are a lot of coaches in that area.
My thought is, IVF.
Working with women in their late 20’s to early 40s that are, highly educated, high-achieving, successful, type-A, that are seeking, considering, or undergoing fertility treatments- Fertility is the one thing they haven’t been successful with, yet.
Is that too broad?

The next step is I’m trying to figure out what my offer is!
I am having difficulty figuring out what my offer is to help these women.
My business name is IVFthis Coaching. I’m a pretty irreverent person and was when I was MUCH younger, an amateur comedian.
I want to incorporate my sense of humor and personality but I find myself get trapped in confusion when I try to figure out the “how.”
How do I make my work lighthearted and fun without diminishing their experiences and not get too heavy where I am not enjoying it the work and it feels like it’s still me?