Target Market Wording

The market I want to work with are women, 30-45, who fail to follow through. The problem I have is that I am lacking the right questions to ask myself when it comes to stating THE problem I want to market. Like, I get that my issue was I did not follow through on things so I would constantly be on this “high” with a new idea and then when it came to work I would lose interest. If I explained that to people would it be confusing or lack connection. I am hearing your voice in my head and it says too vague.

So, my thought is do I have to pick one specific problem that I am going to solve? Here is where the drama in my voice is. I want to edit this but I think it is important to share with everyone. I want to coach people in weight loss but I am still 70 lbs over weight. I am down 20 lbs so I still qualify myself as being integrity because I am doing what I would say to do.

Ick…now we are getting down to the fear:
1) People will judge me or not trust that I know what I am talking about.
2) I have had a couple of free clients that I have coached and they fell of and I felt like I jumped in the pool with them.

I keep teetering back and forth with different markets because of fear. I tell myself…oh this market sounds like more fun. So I coach people for free in random areas and really have no profitable business.

No Mo Drama…I want to just be done with it.

Here is all my verbal diarrhea….where can I start to clean up my thoughts and have a profitable business?