TBL 6-part program help

I’m having a difficult time coming up with the six parts to my program. Partly because I am my target market, and I don’t quite have it all figured out chronologically. I know what worked for me and how I went from being depressed to really loving my life and I want to teach that, but what worked for me was a really messy process (mindset, going off meds, using essential oils, going gluten + corn free…). I want to streamline the process so it’s faster. I now know she is one thought away from the feeling she wants.

My target market is stay at home moms in their 30s who feel overwhelmed because they can’t keep up on housework, who don’t feel like being a mom anymore because they need a break from kids, who are apathetic about life, and now she wants to take control of her life and feel better because she doesn’t want to go on medicine.

The problem is that she is not showing up as the mom she really wants to be. She is not taking care of herself. This is affecting her spouse relationship, causing strain. She can’t keep up on housework and doesn’t feel like cooking. She never does anything for fun.

My solution is to create a life she loves to live without changing any circumstances. I will do this by teaching her how to want to show up and be her best self, create systems for the home life, and discovering what it is that makes her feel alive.

I know who I want to help and what I want their outcome to be, but I keep spinning in confusion about the actual program steps. In your podcast about target market, you say to pick one problem to solve, and build my program around that.

I have this fear that if I cover personal development it’s just too vague. I feel like I have too much information for that and there won’t be a strong transformation.

On the other hand, if I cover organizing her house so she can stay on top of cleaning (something that has always been easy for me), I’m afraid I won’t touch enough on the thought work that needs to happen for a real transformation to loving her life. I don’t know how to create a program around home organization with a module titled ‘thoughts’.

I really believe I can help moms feel better. I can help them want to be a mom again and have fun in their lives. Any tips on creating a program that doesn’t seem like it’s personal development but that’s actually full of it, would be super helpful. I feel like this is a really good way to over-deliver. She gets an organized home and she knows how to feel better whenever she wants.

Thank you.