TBL Belief System

I find the more I take action and have breakthroughs in my business, the more my old belief patterns fall apart. This is both good and bad.

For example, I keep telling myself that I can’t be a coach because I have kids at home and I don’t want to hire a sitter and it feels impossible to serve clients in a professional way. Because of this I decided I would create an online course and get my work out that way.

Then I heard you talk about how you served clients through email when you were first starting. For some reason this came back to me today as I’m re-writing my about page and I get to the section on ‘this is how I work and why’.

All the sudden, I’m like, I could do email! I could actually be a coach and serve them through email.

And now I want to re think my whole business model.

It feels very exciting and scary.

The reason I hesitate, or say that changing my old beliefs is bad, is because I am so aware of my nature and how I buffer. I buffer with planning, with creating a new system. It’s like starting fresh and it feels exciting.

I haven’t actually created my 6 part program yet, so I could still change how I offer it. I’m wrapping up my free mini course and it’s so awesome I know I could charge for it.

How do I know if letting go of my old belief- that I can’t be a professional coach as a stay at home mom and changing that belief to serving through email is still professional, how do I know if I’m not buffering and chasing a squirrel again? I love planning, so it always feels good to me, and creating a course is very hard work. I would still have to create a 6 part program, but it would look totally different.

Any help would be much appreciated.