TBL first program when I’m not a coach, part 2

You couldn’t answer my question because I didn’t give you enough information.

My business is that I teach personal development to moms who want to start a business while still fulfilling their mom role.

I plan to do this via online courses. I think of myself more as a teacher than a coach.

My question is, is offering an online course to a lot of people an okay first step for a business starting out?

I like the idea of working one-on-one and maxing out and growing from there, but I am not doing this as a coach.

My first course will be priced at $100 and I plan to sell 150 of them.

I will offer an optional weekly Q+A call for the duration of the course. This is what makes me think I’m jumping to the group coaching part of your business model and skipping the one-on-one.

As a beginner, do you think working with 150 people is too much?

It would be so cool to only have to work with 25 people to meet my goal, but I don’t think I’m capable of creating a $600 product yet.

I feel like I’m basically coaching, just not calling it that. This is because of advice from my spiritual advisor.

Your thoughts are much appreciated.