TBL first program when I’m not a coach

I have been creating my 6 part program, but I’m not starting a coaching business.

I like your idea of working one-on-one and building up to group coaching. That sounds like a great way to build a business. My program is an e course.

My plan is to grow my list and launch my program for a limited time to my list and do weekly Q+A calls for the length of the course.

This feels like I’m skipping the one-on-one part, and it makes me doubt myself.

From the viewpoint of a non-coach, I’m wondering if it would be better to always have my course open for enrollment and do individual Q+A calls? That feels overwhelming and scattered.

What is your suggestion for how to begin making money in a non-coaching business?

Also, you suggest to sell the 6-part coaching program for $600. My first course will be $100, so I need to sell more of it to build up capital.

My 10 year goal is to have a personal development ‘school’ of different courses, live workshops, and some physical products.

Thank you.