TBL niche

You say if we have to ask if our niche is narrow enough, it probably isn’t.
I want to put all this in simple terms, like one sentence, so I can use it in all those social bios.
Here goes.

I want to help moms who always wanted to be a mom but now they can’t stand it and they don’t know why. They feel like they don’t have a life because all they do is cook and clean and take care of kids. They want to leave when their husband gets home because they are stressed out and they want him to experience the overwhelm she feels. She feels guilty about all this but she just wants a life. She is unorganized and depressed. She just wants to have fun. She wants to want to be a mom but she doesn’t necessarily know that she still wants to be a mom.

I feel like that’s basically saying I want to help overwhelmed moms.
Do I narrow by stating the age group? 25-35
Or maybe state religious values? Christian
Or income? $50k+ year
As I’m online, the geographical area isn’t an issue.