How to tell current clients about new niche and website change

Thank you so much for your encouraging resonse about my niche and being a couple of steps ahead. I feel so excited, inspired, and motivated to move forward with it!

My question is, I recently (last night) purchased the domain I currently have a website that is more generic life coaching with my name as the domain. I love my site and it’s already created so I want to just change the copy and the domain over, delete blog posts that don’t pertain to my niche and move forward that way. My only concern is that I am currently working with clients that aren’t a part of that niche. They hired me for general life coaching, many of them working with me around career and finding fulfillment. I’m wondering how I should tell them that my niche is changing. A part of me is like, do I wait for their package to be up to move forward? But I definitely don’t think that’s the answer. I just don’t want them to feel like what, I hired you for this and now you’re doing PCOS coaching?

Your insight would be so helpful! Thank you Brooke, you are such an inspiration!