Telling others about what I do

My niche is helping parents to stop financially or emotionally enabling their adult child so they can have a healthy, loving relationship with them without anger, frustration, anxiety, and worry. I was on the phone with a friend tonight and I was telling him about my niche. He responded with the words “Well, as parents, we do with our money what we want. If we give it all to them before we die, at least we get to see them spend it.” That’s the C line.
My thoughts T: He thinks I’m telling him he’s enabling his kids. T: He’s offended that I brought this up. T: I will offend other friends. T: Maybe this is the wrong niche? (This is the wrong niche.)

None of those thoughts felt good.
You see, this was the first time I had said my what niche was out loud to someone other than my husband. And as fate 😉 would have it, I mentioned it to my friend who lavished tons of money on his grown kids. Awkward.

I wanted to apologize and tell him I didn’t think he was enabling his kids. I didn’t. The conversation went on.

The reason why I’m asking for help is how do I not offend people with my niche? Now that I type the words, I’m smiling at myself, because I don’t have that power. I can’t offend people. They are offended by the thoughts in their brain. I get it. If some people think I am being offensive with my niche, that’s okay.

Do you have anything thoughts or advice to add?