Terrified about money

I have about 2 months worth of expenses saved up.

Earlier this year, I changed my entire business model, switched niches after 2 years, and set a goal to get 2 paying clients by 7/31.

Some of my thoughts:
I am never going to make it (by my goal deadline, or ever). Hopeless.
I will run out of money.
Nobody wants to buy from me because I’m oozing desperation.
I should have more money.
I shouldn’t have let it get this bad.
I’m doing everything wrong.
Nothing’s working.
I have to start making money somehow, or I will die. Desperate.
My boyfriend will break up with me if I go broke. Panicked.

I feel desperate. Hopeless. Helpless. Paralyzed. Powerless over my own thoughts in this area.

I logically try to talk to my brain and say we’re going to figure it out, I know lots of ways to make money, I’m not going to run out, it’s just a number on a computer screen.

Trying really hard to not buffer away the terrified, panicked, and scared.

I’d love some direction – maybe if you notice a common theme, I can try to work on a single belief rather than feel overwhelmed because I feel like I have to do models on all of these thoughts.

I’m suffering and feel paralyzed. Please help!