Terrified that my business will fail

I already have a small coaching practice. My niche isn’t perfect, and it’s not EXACTLY what I want to be doing, but my clients seem happy and I feel like I am offering something of value.

I’m still also working full time, where I’m making nearly $300K a year. My job is very demanding and ties me to my location, which is somewhere I don’t want to live anymore. I REALLY want a location flexible business, more than anything else in the world. Anyway.

I’ve created an online course that I think is really good. It’s priced right (maybe even too low to start), I’ve put together an ‘irresistible’ offer, I’m even offering a money back guarantee. I have had a lot of success with facebook ads, and I’m just about ready to launch.

But I’m SO scared, and am really digging in my heels. The thought behind these feelings is something like “if this funnel fails, I’m screwed”. What does screwed mean? Well, I think it means that I’ll have to go back to work in corporate, and basically I’ll have to give up on my dreams. So maybe the thought is really “if this funnel fails, I will have to give up on my dreams”. I think my “dreams” are defined as a successful ($200K+ revenue) location independent coaching business that I love and that is a reflection of my authentic self. So here’s what’s happening:

C launching evergreen online course funnel
T “if this funnel fails, I will have to give up on my dreams of having a successful coaching business that I love and will end up being a corporate slave forever”
F Intense pressure
A I resist every step in launching the funnel, wanting to make it perfect, overcomplicating things, making a more and more grandiose plan, constantly tweaking it…(i think this is basically perfectionism, in a nutshell)
R I don’t launch the funnel, and continue to not be living my dream and being a corporate slave

Okay – I’d like out of this. I can feel the resistance in my body when I even THINK about trying to moving into an intentional model.

I’ll start with ‘launch funnel’ in the A line.

F Eager, excited
A Launch funnel
R Take massive action to have a successful business of my dreams

So I think what I’m running into is that I am resisting finding a thought that I believe. I’m starting with acknowledging and validating my “inner child” – I can see that she feels scared and resistant, because I’m telling her that “if this funnel fails, you’re screwed and your dreams are dead.” So, of course she’d be resistant and feeling scared since I’m putting a lot of pressure on her to get it right. It’s similar to when I was a competitive figure skater growing up, feeling that if I didn’t get it right that I’d be a disappointment, failure, and embarrassment. When I ask my inner child what she needs, she tells me that she just needs me to stay with her while she tries this scary new thing that her heart really wants to to. She wants me to stop putting so much pressure on her, and to be beside her whether she falls or does well, and to know that it makes no difference to me how she performs. So, I think the message I’m getting is to be more compassionate with myself whether this funnel is great or if it flops – and not to harshly judge myself either way.

I used to be able to get motivated and excited by the thought “people need what I am offering” and “wouldn’t it be nice if the only thing I regretted was not doing this sooner?”…but those aren’t landing for some reason. I think they’re still too focused on needing to be “successful”, and when I have those thoughts I’m still putting a lot of pressure on myself.

How can I take the pressure off?

Wouldn’t it be nice if this were way easier than I expected it to be?
Wouldn’t it be nice if this were actually a lot of fun?
Wouldn’t it be neat to put something I’ve created out into the world?
I’m going to get this working no matter how many times I have to tweak it
There’s no way this will be a huge successful at first launch, so just go ahead and collect some data –> this feels true, even though it’s not super duper positive
Brooke says to fail 1000 times (or whatever it is she says haha), so just launch it and start counting your fails!
Zero pressure, just launch it exactly as it is and start collecting some data –> this also feels true

This is kind of where I have landed:

T There’s no way this will be a huge successful at first launch, so just go ahead and collect some data
F Ease (so, this isn’t “excited” and “eager”, but it’s way better than “terrified”
A Stop obsessing about the details and get it up and running without getting so bogged down
R Funnel is launched, and I am collecting some data to make it better and better