Testing my Niche – Imposter Syndrome

Now that I have narrowed my niche and I think about the value that I want to create, I am having doubts about whether I can position myself as a coach. Here is my model on this and I would love to hear if any coach in SCS have felt the same way and had success stories.

C – Testing my niche
T – I am new at this and do not have the experience
F – Inexperienced
A – I spin in a state of doubt, create stories in my head that people will ask how long I’ve been coaching for and they will turn away
R – I don’t put myself out there because I am new at coaching professionally and will not gain the experience

C – Testing my niche
T – I can coach others because I have experience in the profession that I am coaching in
F – Determined
A – Focus on how I can create value in my niche based on my experience, brainstorm ways on how I can test my niche, take action