Thank you for your answer about anxiety over money

Hi Brooke
Your answer about money- planning on a realistic , or even worst case, scenario, and then enjoying things if its better than that-
was the most helpful advice I have ever had on how to think about money

I come from programming where there was much conflict over relatively small slip ups,
My parents worked together as entrepreneurs in real estate, and when they lost money, they fought, in very scary ways for a child
They both judged their self worth and their life on how much money they made and what their apparent status was in life
They ended up without much money, for whatever reason I don’t understand

I get to change all this
I get to have fun with money
I get to enjoy investing money, with my eyes open

I also really want to start a new career and make more money, but I still don’t know what at all
I will be coming to Masterclass in February and I hope to work on that piece then

Thank you