Thank you so much for your coaching & now I’m not overbooking myself on Monday Hour One.

Dear coaches,
First, thank you so much for responding to my previous question on failing forward on being consistent.
I’m working on the thought patterns that you pointed out, especially the one on being curious, and not judging myself which is what I had done week after week, year after year.  I’m on my new way of thinking to create the results I am sure that I can create.

Thanks to your coaching, and 2 private calls on this matter, I am sorting things out.  Not that you have told me what to focus on, not at all.  But that I am being way more kind to myself, by making space.  By holding space.
For all the time I need and want to prepare for shooting the videos as well as uploading them, optimizing them, organizing them into the platforms so that I can have the consistency I want in order to create money and fun wealth.

Up until last week, I used to just put everything on my calendar without considering coordinating groceries, payments, food prep, feeding, eating, organizing, sewing, gardening and even laundry.
I also realized that I was overbooking myself to feel pressure every single day for no reason, including weekends.
Not that I don’t get a lot done on those days, including food preps and creative posts; but I’m now using the constraint to be super strict with my calendar on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for the most part.

So a 3 day a week workweek? Maybe.

I’m naturally disciplined, so I will get a lot done the other days, yet this plan worked for me last week, so I will keep on using it and tweaking it for best results. I’m taking most calls and visits the other days, not my “sacred days”, and this just gives me so much calm and peace. I love my friends, acquaintances, and prospects in love and business. Yet I don’t sacrifice my own plan for them anymore, like I used to all my life.   So that I can actually give myself the priority and value that I deserve. And, in turn, I can create way more and higher quality value to share with them and the world. So, though it’s not easy, and sometimes really hard, this discipline is allowing me to move forward and evolve.

To be more of who I really am. And it feels so good!

Now, there is a lot to work on this week, like when I don’t finish the preparation of the camera, myself and location in the planned time frame. Like in this exact moment. I want to be live on The Possibility Formula with Brooke yet I still have work to do in getting ready for my recordings today. Do I just postpone one or the other? I can always watch the video later, yet maybe I can get coached live.  So it’s not always so clear.

One way to solve this is by committing to only being live on calls that happen on moments in which I’m not on my own focus schedule. By not creating calendar conflicts? Or use the calls as background to propel me to keep on going?  Or try to just multitask?

What do you recommend?

Thank you so much again and in advance for your great coaching!