The Aligned Model Podcast Question

Hi there,

In one of LCS’s recent episodes (I think it was the Aligned Model but it could have been Who are You Becoming or What Do You Want to Believe as I listened to all of them on one commute), Brooked mentioned coaching one of her coaches on investing in a program and she was worried about putting the money in because she had not yet made her goal. Brooke asked if you absolutely made your income goal, would you invest in the program and how would your thinking be different? She responded that she absolutely would invest; it would be a no-brainer.

I’m coming up against the same decisions when it comes to my business budget for 2019. My office lease is up and thus far, I’ve been paying it through a consulting job that I’ve had. It’s quite expensive but because that contract has made me a lot of money, I’ve been willing to pay the high rent (even though there are other offices in the area that are likely cheaper). When I transition to my coaching business full-time next year, I won’t have that contract anymore; yet I still want the office space.

My question is, based on the podcast, if I truly believe that I will replace my income next year, it should be a “no-brainer” and I should sign the new lease. But a part of me is feeling like, since this is my first year, I should be “smarter” about my expenses and not spend money on an office space (which is not truly a need to run the business, it’s just a nice thing to have) but put that money into something else. Is there a difference between believing you’re already there vs. making strategic decisions from where you currently are?