The Art of Creating Your Biz…

Hello. Thank you for taking my question. I just recently graduated from a 2 year Coaching Program. I am in the USA and am now scaling up my practice in which I am focusing on “Foundational Self Care” for women.

I discovered The Life Coach school about mid-way through my course and so I have been adding all I am learning from Brooke and my recent joining of Scholars. I AM SO AMAZED by all the content and just the simple process of getting to the BONES of issues. I love the “non-fluff” approach. My question is this: How would I incorporate the “MODEL” into my practice? How would one give reference and credit back to TLCS/Brooke for the creation of this wonderful tool? And, is it ok to create content that references the “Model” for my own programs and/or coaching groups?

As a new coach, I feel a little bit of “imposter syndrome” happening and I want to show up as myself…but still a little confused as how to make it “my own”. (not the Model, but rather how to wrap it in there as my method/style of coaching. Is that as clear as mud??

Thank you for your thoughtful response.