The Empowerment Dragon

Hello my friends.

I am a voice over actor who took a $2000 business to $7000 to $40,000 to ??? ($40K so far this year as of May )…

I did some vision work long before joining SCS, and one of the things I really wanted was a team, a tribe, to co-create with. And this year a company  found me and recruited me to coach for them. By this point, I had started SCS, and every day I worked on the thought, “I am going to add so much value to this company, and to these students, it’s going to blow their damned minds (and my own, in the process.)

Within 3 months, they promoted me to become the leader of their PRO membership group… where I got to design my own curriculum for posts/ content, and the theme (whether technical or not) is always on empowerment and managing your mind.

Even though I am not a life-coach, it’s life coaching that I am offering within the context of a VO career/ entrepreneurship.

The CEO has been very supportive and complimentary about what I have been doing… which is crazy awesome. They literally have given me cart blanche/ free reign to just post and do whatever I want… and now wants to expand my role to be an even higher level of leadership within the company… again with almost a blank check that I get to write. So now, I am at the point of writing it.

I have reached my upper limit problem. “Is there anything scarier than getting what you want?”

I have a very strong vision of what I want the result to be, the type of work I want to do with staff and students.. I am having a harder time breaking it out into action steps and details so that I can build the role of my dreams. When the CEO and I and my coach trainer had our “brainstorming” meeting… I thought for sure inspiration would strike, as it often does when I just throw myself into the deep end.

But all I could tell them was that I appreciated on a very deep level being given creative license to run the group the way I wanted… that I was discovering how much of a passion I have for coaching and supporting new VO entrepreneurs when they were feeling despair, defeat and frustration. That I was really open to expanding my role in the company, but that I had no concrete answers as to what it might be. That in this moment I feel like there is an organic process happening… like I am bubbling up from the depths of the sea, pushing fish, and rising quickly, but no idea where I will be when I finally reach the surface. I said, “as cheesy as this sounds.. I just know that right now, I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be”

I realize that this is a great problem to have… to have money and support to build my own role and add value to so many lives… I still would love some help in fine-tuning the action plan.

I know that with the model, the thoughts and feelings always come before the action steps, and as Tony Robbins says, reasons come first, answers come second.

At the same time, any feedback or help you have on this would be greatly appreciated.