The Next Move

Hi there!
I am a private practice therapist with a thriving practice where I make a great income. I also have a mental health podcast and an online course for anxiety. That’s a separate business to help me diversify my income and help lots more people. Right now I am working my buns off to pay for…the second biz. 100% of my income is going into maintaining and growing my online business. I have a facebook ads agency, a podcast producer and a freelancer on my “team.” But really, it’s my business and I run the day to day aspects of things. And it’s fairly manageable and scalable.
I’ve sold 20 of my mini (SLO funnel) course and 20 of my main Anxiety Courses after 2 years…. Not enough…but it’s a good start. My podcast audience is growing steadily. People love my courses and the podcast is getting great feedback as well.
So, what’s the problem? Money. Not enough of it. Ugh.
I’m having a hard time figuring out where to put my $resources and how much to continue to funnel back into the business to help it grow. I have a totally scalable business model that just needs humans! What I offer is solid. My niche is narrow. I see my person in my mind’s eye with everything I do.
I’m not a facebook ads expert, but after 6 months of paying $2000/mo plus ad fees, I have very little ROI. Wrong team? Too early for ads? I dunno.

I need to make some decisions about how to move forward in the most productive way. I want a paycheck! I’m tired of the hustle.
I’m not giving up, this is my life’s work and I am pretty damn determined but it’s a drain on my fam and my energy to keep pushing this rock up the hill.

What shall I do next? Am I spending too much money on ads? How the heck does an ambitious entrepreneur make choices about the next right move? Any ideas?