The Value of Free Coaching Packages

I launched a coaching practice three months ago. Before that, I hadn’t posted on any social media for one year or more, and not on Facebook for over three years. I do a weekly live, have hosted one in-person event, and have gotten four consults. All were no’s, mostly for money and time reasons. Now, I’m thinking of next steps to reach out…and my thought is this: If I offer a free coaching package for 6 weeks, and then a significantly discounted package for another six weeks to 10 people, I will have helped 10 people for at least 6 weeks. Here’s what the breakdown could be:

$1000 deposit that will either (a) be returned to the client at the end of the first six weeks, provided they attend all six sessions and do not wish to carry on, or (b) will be rolled into a payment for six subsequent sessions plus $200 at the time of the decision to continue coaching. If people choose to do the entire 3 month package, it’s 12 sessions for $1200…I was charging $1800 for twelve sessions one week ago.

My current coach is encouraging me to raise my prices to $5k for 6 month packages, and $3333 for three month packages (assuming they are paid up front and in full), but I am not confident selling at that price point as I am (a) a new coach, and (b) have no credentials behind me (yet…I’m enrolled in the LCS Certification Class in starting March!). It seems steep for a first time sell, and I want to know that people are paying ME for high quality coaching. It’s important to me to not oversell and under-provide. Selling and over delivering high quality coaching, in my mind, comes with time, practice, and results. I have very little of all of those things at this point in my coaching career.

Does my plan seem contrived, intricate, or downright confusing? Is it a bad plan?