They’ll Think I’m Dumb

Working with Janet yesterday something came up again that I obviously need to deal with, because when I don’t I buffer and my business gets pushed away.
I am a therapist, I work in a group practice. I have been “starting” my coaching business for probably 6 years now. This year, doing this work, I am actually producing, a friend and I have a podcast, we show up consistently, I have been sharing my story on social media and my 6 session course is completed enough to get started. I realized yesterday with Janet that one of the thoughts holding me back is that my therapist co-workers are going to think I am dumb. That somehow they will convince me that coaching isn’t good enough or useful because I didn’t get my master’s in coaching or take a big expensive test for coaching or get 1000 hours of face to face work supervised by an expensive supervisor in coaching.
I’ve been doing models on all of these, both in that on the one hand, these are really kind people and don’t tend to look down on others for trying new or different things and we are all very different and practice different types of therapy and have different specializations and certifications in things. Also, I’ve done a few thought down loads for some new thoughts asking the question, “They’ll think I’m dumb, so what am I making that mean?” It’s been good work. I know it was spot on, because 2 minutes in to Janet and my 10 minute conversation I was crying.
So, I’ve spotted it, I’m going to sit in it for a little bit, figure out what it feels like, then I’m going to tell all of them what I’m doing.
The best part is that my brain decided that my niche is working with other mental health professionals on self-care, specifically with drinking as a buffer, and that means that I definitely have to tell therapists about coaching, lol.

Unintentional Model:
C: Therapists
T: They will think I’m an idiot.
F: Embarrassed
A: Avoid, buffer, pretend I have a business, but not tell anyone about it
R: I think I’m an idiot

C: Therapists
T: They will think I’m an idiot and that’s okay.
F: Committed
A: Share, open course, tell people how amazing coaching is and how it has changed my life.
R: I will believe in my ability to create and share no matter what other people are thinking.

Any thoughts?