Those who can’t do – teach

As a professional musician and artist coach, I’ve been hanging onto a belief for over a decade that doesn’t serve me: “Those who can’t do – teach,” as in “those who teach music are people who’ve failed at living out their dream of being a full-time performing and recording artist.”

Aside from music educators whose dream it is to teach, I’ve applied this belief to myself and other professional artists who make up their income from a variety of revenue streams – performing, recording, touring, selling merch, licensing, teaching/coaching, etc.

My dream is to be a global performing and recording artist with my original music, and I’ve been teaching in addition to performing and producing artists to earn money as I’ve been finding my voice and unique style.

I have a degree from a music conservatory doing music that wasn’t ME. I felt like the black sheep as I struggled there, with one foot in and one foot out in exploring other genres. I had a difficult time connecting with teachers there; some were nice and others were cruel. I failed my final recital and endured deep pain and an identity crisis for years afterward.

I found some professional success after transitioning to a new style where I gigged professionally in New York City for years and was able to collaborate with other international artists, but the genre wasn’t my soul’s calling.

I finally got out of feeling stuck to pursue my dream genre. I’m in the process of writing new music to be released in this style and am building a business as an artist coach after teaching for over a decade to support myself and fund my dreams.

I’m afraid of the coaching business getting in the way of my artistry, and thus I hold myself back. I’m afraid that going bigger in my coaching will mean I failed at my music dream, even though I haven’t released my new album and I don’t know where it will take me.

It’s interesting to note my brain – other albums of mine in other genres were successful. I was blessed to build a dedicated fanbase, land gigs to be proud of, and win awards. Clients I’ve coached and produced have won awards and recognition. A collaboration I did with another artist in a similar to my new dream genre had some success with a major tv show.

Yet – now when I’m finally saying yes to this genre that I’ve wanted to pursue for 14 years, I’m scared. I have limiting beliefs that I’m too old or it can’t happen for me, even when I’ve proved it in the past when my heart was only halfway in the door.

I’m afraid that coaching other artists means I wasn’t able to ‘make it’ somehow, even though the work we do around making music and strengthening professional skills is fun and fulfilling. I’m making more money than ever, am now able to fund my dreams, and I can apply an entrepreneurial mindset and tools to my music career. My clients become my fans and even hold me accountable to my dream of ‘making it’ without their knowing. I feel like I’m even more driven to complete this new album and pursue my dreams with it because they’re watching and learning.

I feel like I’m breaking my glass ceiling right now and am on the verge of some major positive transitions. I desire to say yes to it all and live everything out at a higher level.

How can I transform this limiting belief of ‘those who can’t- teach’ once and for all and MOVE ON?! Thanks in advance for your guidance. : D