Thought "I will never be able…"


I am starting my coaching path – I am probably at step 0. I am in the Certification Program. I did numerous calls with coaches to help me overcome my thinking but every time it comes back.
So even now – the Model that I have:
C: I booked myself Focus time to create my first post in my IG profile.
T: I will never be as friendly / chatty in style as coach X operating in my chosen language. And she basically says the same thing as the Model
F: I feel defeated and like a loser
A: Actually – I check the profile of coach X before publishing my post
R: I don’t publish anything

There are also thoughts – that all people like this ‘authentic chatty style’ which is not something that is natural to me. I am afraid to build communication on my authentic short and humorous style because I fear nobody will follow / like me / take it seriously as biz proposition.

Need a look from the outside!