Thought: I’m Not Qualified

I am in the process of launching a membership platform – working on it behind the scenes. It will combine my two expertises (simple recipe creation and easy-to-understand communication) to help recovering dieting addicts (I’m one myself 😉 ditch the diets by using my method, which I’ve developed over several years. I also studied nutrition through an online program, which I really learned a lot from but isn’t a credentialed program – meaning, I’m not a Registered Dietician or nutritionist (even though many people who went through this program consider themselves one). I would like to incorporate some of the nutrition information I learned in that program (and that really helped me on my journey to ditch the diets) in my membership.

The problem: my logical brain knows that this is all fine. I am not attempting to diagnose anyone with my nutritional knowledge, simply sharing tips and experience. Yet, my dramatic brain is offering me a ton of thoughts that are not giving me the results I want. Here are just a few:

– I am not qualified to offer nutrition advice within this program.
– Nobody will trust me because I’m not a Registered Dietician.
– There are plenty of well qualified people offering similar programs – why would they choose mine if I’m not even credentialed?
– I wish I just went to school for nutrition – that would make everything easier.
– I wish I just studied something that I went “all in on” and really felt like an expert.

These thoughts are all-consuming. I know, practically, that they are not necessarily true or serving me. Brooke Castillo isn’t a clinical psychologist (I don’t think!) and I still get so much out of Self Coaching Scholars. But I can’t seem to get out of this loop. In the past, in my business, believing 100% in myself and my offering has always been my struggle – I don’t fully believe (part of me does, part of me doesn’t) and so I’m timid about selling my offer. I’m really excited about this membership and I really want to work on believing in myself so that I’m successful, but these thoughts are really tripping me up. Any help appreciated!