Thoughts about Monday Hour One

I’ve been working through my thoughts and models on Monday Hour One. Taking a stab at what an unconscious and conscious thought model look like:


C: Doing Monday Hour One
T: This is my calendar. I have to fill all these blocks of time with tasks. My work is completing tasks, and there aren’t enough blocks for all the tasks and family.
F: Irritable, overwhelmed, “hustle-y”–desire to start right away. Resentful at the perceived conflict between work and family. Guilty.
A: Jump into action mode and try to get it all done so that I can experience relief. Don’t give myself adequate time to complete tasks. Prioritize tasks over meaningful work, reflection, and the QUALITY of intentional family time. Treat family time as another box to check.
R: Most important work may or may not get done because I’m not delegating effectively. Prove myself right that there’s “too much to do and not enough time.”


C: Doing Monday Hour One
T: This is my life. I get to experience it.
F: Curious. Expansive. Creative. Inspired.
A: Ask “what do I want to experience this week? What do I want to create this week? What results do I want to have this week in my business? In my mind? With my husband? With my kids?”
R: Stay present more. Delegate tasks that are not in my zone of genius. Increase clarity week by week on what I want and how to accomplish it.