Thoughts about my clients

Phew-this is a big one! I watched some videos on thoughts about me, my product and my clients and I knew I needed to do some work around my belief in my clients but I definitely uncovered some stuff.
I did a thought download and 8 pages later I asked myself what I am making all these thoughts mean about me?
These are the few I came up with:
-I’m not inspiring enough for people to take action and reach out and make a change.
-I’m never going to find the ones who are ready now.
-No one in my spear is ready now.
-The only way someone will hire me is if I convince them.
-I just don’t have what it takes to create a thriving business
-I have to pretend to be someone else to have a thriving business because who I am now isn’t good enough.
-People won’t ever want to work with me.

I haven’t put these into models yet but they all produce the same feelings on sadness and defeat, like why try.
Help, I’m ready for some good coaching!