Thoughts about not feeling well as a Life Coach


I have been feeling unwell a lot lately. And the worst thing for me is poor sleep. After many, many nights of low quality sleep, I am finding it hard to stay engaged with my goals of growing my business as a Life Coach during the day.
I am having thoughts that it’s my fault that I am not sleeping well because I yoyo diet (although I have followed all the good sleep hygiene recommendations online for the last year).
I am also feeling defeated because I had a lot of action items this month that I have not followed through on.
So, today it feels like I can not take a break because I am already behind this month on my goals. The things I said I would do.
And lastly, I feel like a hypocrite as a coach because I feel so poorly today, physically and mentally.

These thoughts feel overwhelming and I don’t know where to start first to get myself moving.