thoughts about spending money on advertising

I’m contemplating spending $1000 on social media advertising. I’m having all kinds of drama around it. My thoughts are all about money scarcity ::
– I’ll be wasting my money
– I haven’t made enough money to advertise
– What if I don’t get a return on my ad spend
– I’m not a big enough coach to spend that kind of money
– I don’t have any new clients on the horizon, so I don’t know if I’ll make the money back
– My income has stalled, this isn’t the right time
– I’m running out of money, this just depletes it even more

The crazy thing is I have a social media marketing background and have created amazing results in my corporate career through my marketing activities. I felt responsible when I was spending the company’s money but was willing to take the risk. Now I’m just afraid… of the risk, seeing my business bank account number drop by $1000 and what it will mean about me or my business if the marketing spend doesn’t work (bring in business). Thank you for your help!