Thoughts for New Coaches

Hi! I’m going through Coach Certification now – and loving it! One thing I notice as I continue to do my self coaching is having the thought “I’m not as good as Brooke” or “I’m really kind of wonky with coaching right now” or “I don’t always know the right questions to ask” or “I’m just not where I want to be” – which, obviously, is not giving me great results.

So I’d like to think a thought from my future … “I’m a great coach” or “I’m a Master Coach” or “I’m a spectacular coach” or “I have the skills of a Master Coach” or…

I’m just wondering if you have ideas for thoughts that new coaches (like myself) can think to get to the results we want. It feels weird to think (now) … “I’m a highly skilled coach who works to help clients see their thinking” … but I realize that I need to live from that future thought now regardless of what my brain wants to tell me is “true”. Am I on the right track or do you have any “thought ideas” that might help me as I move forward through Certification? Thanks!