Thoughts on Target Market


I wrote over the weekend and have been thinking about what I wrote / reading other similar responses since. I think I already know what your response will be to my question on if my identified target market would be specific enough – and that is no. Lol. I have a few questions about this that are causing me some confusion (not causing me to quit though 😀 ).

First – when you pick a target market, is it recommended to stay locked into that for your business?? Or is it like you define the WHO and keep that consistent, but then just keep offering different WHATs for things you want to help them with?

With a desire to be a life coach, I want to help people with all sorts of different areas of life – potentially mornings, time, finances, organization, health, marriage, children to name a few. I know Coach Certification covers this topic…do you have any resources I can look more into in the mean time on how you define a target market with flexibility to offer all sorts of different things over time? I know I have a LOT to learn here.

Thanks much. <3