Thoughts on Target Market

I am a want-to-be life coach, working on myselk now in SCS, hoping to get onto the Certification Program this fall, and starting to play with target market ideas because I’d like to start working on a social media following, to have a pool of people once I am ready to start coaching (and I also know this process will bring up a LOT of self-coaching opportunities for me…very much an introvert). I’d love to be able to share what I am learning in SCS as I go through it.

My initial thought is that I would like to target people who identify as perfectionists. Scared people as Brooke says. 😄 That’s a place I have spent much of my life. I want to help these people connect to themselves at a deeper level – find their inner voice, value it, and live with more purpose and heart…more happiness, joy, fulfillment. And I hope to start doing this by sharing my experiences as I go through many of these changes myself.

Is this specific enough for a target market?? Or would you recommend narrowing it down some more, such as saying moms who identify as perfectionists?

And is it a good idea to share in this way on social media in your opinion??

Thank you in advance!