Time management

Hi! I am currently working full time, started a business with my husband and I am also working on an online infertility support community (and doing infertility treatments myself). I am starting to feel overwhelmed with all the things on my to do list. I did a thought download and an unintentional model to understand why I feel overwhelmed. It all comes down to not managing my time properly. I’ve been practicing my intentional thought and it works really well some days but I go back to my unintentional model the other days (especially on those days that the side effects of the infertility medications are really hard to control). I have two questions: 1) I cannot figure out if my thoughts on the side effects of the medications are limiting beliefs or if I should accept that they are present in my body and that it is okay to acknowledge that my body feels different and may need a break. 2) How can I practice my intentional model to consistently increase the number of days that I feel in control of my time management?

Unintentional model:
C: full time work, new business, infertility support community, infertility treatments
T: I have too many things to do
F: overwhelmed
A: create a calendar of tasks for the week, do some of the tasks but not all, jump from one task to the other, skip the time that I separated for exercises, self care and other activities, delay my sleep time
R: Unfinished tasks, unhealthy habits

Intentional model:
C: same
T: Managing my time properly will help me to accomplish my goals
F: In control
A: prepare a calendar for the week, accurately estimate the time that I need for each task, do the task as I planned it, do exercises, go to bed early, do other activities to enjoy my time off
R: Accomplish goals, take action and take good care of myself

Thank you!