Time Off for the Holidays

Hi Coach,

I run my own business and I haven’t truly taken time off in 4 years. I’ve gone on vacations over the past 4 years, but I feel like I can never escape social media even when I’m “off” – I’m always thinking about what to post and/or what to document, especially when it comes to Instagram stories.

I only recently hit a milestone in my business and social media and feel like I’m finally finding my groove, but I’m thinking about taking a weeklong social media break from Christmas through New Years Day. When I think about this I have a lot of anxiety – like… I’m going to lose all these followers that I’ve worked so hard to build if I “go off the grid” for a week.

I know that’s just my thinking (people are focused on themselves and just don’t care that much about what I’m posting on social media), but I’m having trouble finding thoughts that would serve me here.

I guess my question is twofold – would you recommend completing taking time off from work? And if so, can you help me find some thoughts that would support my goal to truly step away from my computer and phone? Thank you!