Time to readjust or keep trusting my plan?

Hey Brooke. I’ve done a lot of thought work this past year about money, creating value, not identifying as a “struggling artist” and I really feel like I believe the new thoughts that I’ve chosen and I feel like my goals are just in reach. But then as I’m doing some end-of-quarter evaluating, I realize I’m not even close to where I hoped I would be in terms of revenue. Is this a matter of not being specific enough with what I want in my “R” line, or that I don’t actually have the right thoughts yet? Before looking at numbers I was *SO* confident in my plan, my trajectory, my capacity to create etc. But now my brain is wanting to go back to imposter “you are delusional, you’ve never made enough money as an artist etc.” (which I am doing a lot of work on haha) So I guess my question is…is now a time to readjust my plans, or do I keep on the track of the plan I have set out (and obviously make small adjustments on the way) as I trust that what I want is on the way?

As I’m writing this I do realize I think a lot of my R line was about creating value as an artist, but not a specific monetary value. So that seems like an oversight…haha. I just don’t want to make changes out of desperation and fear.