Today is 24th of the month.

Today is 24th of month. We have 7 days to end of the month. I got the burning desire to continue this SCS because I know and see the value. This would position me to be more productive and also to earn. I am asking both a personal and a business question.

Thank you for any help and direction since I may be missing important points that I am blind to at this moment.

What are the business areas of my life that needs to pull through so that I am no longer at this spot?
So that I am far away from this spot and for good.
Total and absolute transformation.
What do I not see / do I not realize?
What do I need to do differently?

I do have income potential.
I could earn all that I need to position me to hold this SCS and meet other needs.
This is doable.
It can be done.
I can do it.
There is time enough

I start by deciding.
I have decided is action.

Is there anything in study vault to jump start me?
Did others meet this same spot before me?