Too Many Business Programs

Over the last year, I signed up for multiple programs, classes, and business coaching services before finding Brooke and Self Coaching Scholars. I used having too many programs on the go as an excuse to spin in confusion and not take any action at all because I felt overwhelmed. Since being in SCS I understand that these thoughts are holding me back.

I’ve seen incredible results from SCS in other areas (such as weight loss) and I would like to follow the entrepreneurship and money programs to finally get my business off the ground. I also intend to save up enough money to pay for coaching certification when it opens again. But I’m having a really hard time letting go of all the previous programs, courses and mentors/coaches I invested so much money in previously. My brain is trying to convince me that I need to justify the previous expense before following Brooke’s entrepreneurship lessons, but I also know this thought is holding me back and as a result I’m not taking action at all.

Can you please help me with my model?


C – Starting my business
T – I paid so much money for all these courses I’m not using
F – Like a failure
A – I beat myself up, tell myself I’m overwhelmed, pick one course to follow and then jump ship to another, wallow in confusion, buffer and procrastinate.
R – I don’t launch my business.


C – Starting my business
T – I will follow the GPS Brooke has set out for me and refuse to quit until I succeed.
F – Determined
A – I commit to working through the entrepreneurship program and taking massive action on everything I learn. I set aside all other unfinished courses.
R – I launch my business and continue working on it until I am successful.

I like these models but I’m still having a hard time with the financial component. It feels like I wasted too much money to just give up on all that potential knowledge I paid for. Help!