Too many cooks in the kitchen.

Well, it finally happened. After two years of running a community together where we coach our clients on health and fitness – we bumped heads and can’t agree. There are 5 of us total who have this group, and all have our clients in this same group.

C-shared community of clients
T- we all think our idea is best, we cannot agree
F- frustrated
A- argue with other Coaches in that group
R- waste time being frustrated – get stuck in indecision

Do I remove my clients and start fresh in my own group? We hoped we could all lead and work together but it is appearing we can not any longer. There are too many people trying to lead at once and make the decisions.

Just as a note: I’m not against starting my own new community, however I know my clients have since bonded with some of their clients in this group as they all interact daily with one another. That is my main hesitation.