Too many hats and not a good calendar system

I am a single female in her late 40’s. I run a small business (I design and make leather goods and run a small shop), own a duplex rental property, am in the process of refurbishing an airstream for an airbnb, and trying to invest in another property even though I’m running into a wall with getting a loan. All of these projects are of equal importance to me but my business is suffering for it. I know I’m wearing “too many hats” in my business but have had issues with outsourcing things like marketing in the past and as a result, I’m doing most of it myself. On top of that, I buffer with alcohol so I’ve decided to quit drinking for the month of September (yay, day 4!) to try to get the most out of Scholars and really focus this time. Basically, I can’t seem to figure out what to prioritize and how to make a calendar that really works for scheduling (currently it’s on my phone which is where I keep all of my reminders and appoints and dates etc) I’m finding that I’m not honoring those scheduling times due to too many distractions at work (customer coming in to shop which is also my studio) etc… Signed, “When Badass Isn’t Good Enough”