Too many responses to my free offer

Hi Brooke!
I’m not sure if Scholars is the best place to ask this – I’ve been following the business strategy process on the certified site as a way of getting my groove back. I love the stuff you’ve added!! So I went back to my list and offered a free six week coaching program to 10 of my subscribers. 13 people signed up within 30 minutes! I’ve had 10 more since yesterday. I’m so excited – this tells me that teachers are open to coaching and the solution I’m offering! I’m still getting requests for the free program, and know that I can’t offer it to everyone. I’m letting the others know that the slots filled quickly and there are none available, but that I would be adding free content and resources to my website that can offer some additional help. I also said that I would be offering “summer bootcamp” and “back to school” specials during July and August. My question is this… now that I know there truly is a need and that teachers are open to my solution, how do I make the leap to having them pay for it? Is this simply a sales issue? Do I go back to the teachers I offered free help to and say, sorry I’m full, but I’ll help you if you pay? Some of them seem so in need! I don’t know if there is something about the niche that will resist paying. Dare I say that (in general) teachers are notoriously frugal? My thought is that I will be targeting a certain type of teacher, and my business model is built more around the “mercedes” than the “toyota” teachers. How can I know if it’s viable? Do I just need to try? And what about the “toyota” teachers that really need help? Sorry, I’m all over the place… hope you get the gist of what I’m asking. I’m pretty certain you do 😉 You are the best.