Too much on my mind

I’ve decided I want to take action. But there are quite a few things I want to take action on. One of which is turning my nutrition therapy business into a side coaching business. Designed for woman / female entrepreneurs. I’m not quite ready to deep dive. But I want to start my IG page, start gaining followers and building an email list. I feel that if I do this, it would be IG blog and 1 email a week for the month of October. And the option for coaching packages. I already have a lot to do in my core business and I am afraid that these two pieces of content will always be on my mind and take up too much mind space. On the other hand, it gives me an opportunity to share what I am deep learning. Help me to articulate and learn about it also for my own life.

C I want to write 1 IG blog a week and 1 email
T It’s taking up too much mind space
F Overwhelm
A Freeze
Taking up loads of mind space
Not getting any of it done
R It’s taking up too much mind space.

C I want to write 1 IG blog a week and 1 email
T I can manage this
F Constraint
A Smart ways of delivering
R Creating the content as promised

What would I have to think to actually manage it? What constraints will I put into place?
I will only work max. 20h in the month of October and take on 4 coaching clients max.
I will do a thought download to think through how I can best help the audience that I would like to reach (1h)
I will create a roadmap for where I want to take them from to where I want to bring them to (1h)
I will use my current content template for the IG blog and have a link built to Flodesk to write the email (30m)
I will schedule the time to delegate the artistic work and complete the content
I will be doing my doing deep work as part of my morning routine and my schedules time block
I will ensure that I practice what I preach by working these things into how I plan and my routine
I will map out the IG posts that I want to focus on
I will make the content step by step actionable
I will apply everything I teach to my own life
I will show up 100% in my own life practicing what I preach.
I will create a timely delegation to my artist
I will reply to any audience comments
I will create the offer on IG once I have decided the roadmap

Is there a way to build on these beliefs, what practice helps to create evidence? Is it creating targets for myself from the goals I am teaching? How can I create a belief plan?