Too much to do

I am a soloprenuer of a couple businesses and a Mom of 2 teens with a very ‘hands off’ dad. So home, personal finance and kid responsibilities fall on my shoulders as well. I love where I live and I love my home and career. My kids are doing great 🙂 BUT juggling it all just feels like I’m constantly fighting to keep overwhelm and confusion at bay.

I’m a master at time management and being efficient to fit as much as I can into each day. Currently, I am trying to squeeze more time in the day for myself. Self-care has been VERY lacking for quite a while…

Help from my husband to lighten my load is not an option… I’ver tried that route in the past with no success. I’ve looked at urgent vs important, and many other time managemwnt strategies. I plan out my weeks in advance in time slots, always trying to find a spot for “my time”. I don’t watch TV, movies or ‘surf’ facebook… too much of time wasters! But still can’t ‘fit it all in’… I know the obvious answer is to make “my time” the top priority, but I have family and business responsibilities to keep up…?? I’d love to hear your ideas!