My impossible 2018 goal is to make 200K. I made 125K in 2017, and I am a solo healthcare practitioner/ health coach.

I am signed up for coach training in August this year, and up until a few days ago, I have been very excited.

Then I had an explosion in my brain for a business model: a wellness collective.

I think it could work really well.

I think it could be so beneficial for my community.

I think it can take me to 200K.

Now, I am rethinking coach training as the money can definitely be invested toward the collective.

My brain has been busy doing models.

My soul has been busy searching for that intuitive gut instinct.

I think I know the answer.

But I thought I would post my models here.

C: Coach training
T: I would love to be trained by Brooke, but the cost can be invested in my new business idea
F: Doubting self
A: Staying confused
R: ?

C: Coach training
T: I can wait to get trained next year and invest the $ in my collective business idea
F: Excited about both
A: Start on the collective (I do have a first meeting planned with other practitioners)
R: The Collective is born, I get coach training in 2019 and become a better coach/ entrepreneur