"Trading Dollars for Time"

I am looking to get clarity on what would be the most efficient way to reach my “impossible goal,” within the next 7 weeks (before Coach Training)

My impossible goal is to earn the $18,000 I invested in myself and Coach Training before the end of 2018.

I created Introduction to Mindfulness, a one-hour session where I teach participants how to develop a foundation of mindfulness, support the state of their own well-being, and how meditation can improve life in and out of the workplace.

The training is perfect for a Lunch & Learn or early morning breakfast meetings and I have delivered this so far at 5 companies and a few still have to sign on for the last sessions, but I’m looking at hitting $5,000. Typically I teach to groups of 10-40 people.

(I have 4 trainings ready to go that vary in topics and techniques aimed at everyone – beginner’s to experienced and no matter what role/responsibility, this work can help everyone on the team) and blend the model.

I have worked with employees at a number of companies including Amadeus, Consigli Construction, Crocs, Definitive Healthcare, EBSCO, Emmanuelle College, Gentex Optics, iRobot, Keystone Partners, Laura Fischer Agencies, MAPFRE, OCES, Oracle, Rockport, Shark Ninja, Symmons and The Cotting School.

I do not have an email list.

I do not have a sales page.

I do not have a funnel.

I do not have a free-bee (although I have tons of ideas and content)

And while I would love to invest $997 in Amy Porterfield’s Courses That Convert, I do not have the funds for that at this moment because my investment is in Scholars and in Training. What I’ve learned is that signing up for too many trainings at once (BSchool for instance) while helpful has kept me from actually implementing.

I have who I know and who knows me. I have cold calling. I have spending time on reaching out to people on LinkedIn and through Facebook friends. I post on my social media and am reminded quite often that if I spent $3 or whatever, I could reach X amount of people. I do not wish to spend any money on Facebook ads right now.

And it hit me.

Could there be a better, more efficient way to reach this group and generate the activity I need in order to hit my goal? Or, am I best suited to just keep going as is. Fall typically picks up anyway with clients.

Here is my dilemma:

The Mindfulness Training, while the content and the experience in sharing is very helpful and applies to the work I want to do in my next phase, I view this as an offering and income generator.

This group (at the employee level) is not where I want to end up or focus on for 2019.

Do I continue to just do the same approach (even though it’s time consuming) or do I dive into the process of getting an email list together, a sales page, a freebee and test it out.

I won’t know until I try and the best case is that I learn tools (before Coach Training)

Would it be worth doing that work? Because I’m comfortable in what I do now but it takes a very long time (I want to make 100 reach outs per week and last week I hit 43. I’m still teaching weekly classes although that has slowed down due to summer)

I’m not looking for short cuts or an easy way out. What I am looking for us to work smarter and not harder.

The reason why I feel resistant around taking this on versus just sticking with the same reach out strategy is because this is not where my heart is.

I am coming to Coach Training to fulfill a big dream and become an amazing coach and shift my business from what I am doing now to something even bigger.

I want to develop a program/methodology teaching Teachers (elementary school) how to Teach Meditation and coach them using the model so that they can incorporate and teach meditation into the classroom. Basically I want to teach Teachers and build out a community/membership model. Like what Brooke does only with Teachers ☺

This Fall, I am teaching twice per week at a local private school. Fortunately they agreed to give me a higher rate and increase my class last season from 1x per week to 2x per week. There is a network of 15 schools within the group. My contact knows that I want to expand my offerings and be the Yoga & Meditation Specialist for their network. We just need the CFO to get on board. I would love to create “a job” for myself and use this experience as exploratory and test things out.

I have interviews lined up with teachers to find out what their struggles are, what challenges they face etc. so that I can start to hone in on my coaching program.

I am aware that I am avoiding areas that I do not understand in favor of what is known and yet I built my entire website by myself and have every client because I did the work, so I know it’s no different if I were to take on learning the unknown tools. Worst case: I will never know unless I try. Best case: I learn tools and apply them as a test with these Mindfulness Trainings before I work on the niche that I really want to work on.

Thank you for helping me work through my thoughts!


Much love,