I am running a training program that is a year long.
Over the years I have learned that Those who are the most successful are the ones who ask questions. The ones who are the least expect me to spoon feed them information.

Every year I face this particularly at the half way mark, and I respond to their needs. But then the result still is what it is.
Some people just won’t ask questions and then complain about not getting what they want.

I feel like I am on defense which I know is not leading me to the action or result I want.

But I’m feeling a bit stuck to get out of it.

I know what I offer is amazing – like Brooke the grads who really work the material get fantastic results earning 10 x what the average is.

But I still hate the complaints since they aren’t doing the work. Which just continues the cycle of annoyance and inaction.

So one model is this

C – Training program
T – Here we go again
F – fuck!
A – get on defense, respond to need, remind them about who is most successful and who isn’t, remind them about asking questions and the commitment to client numbers per week.
R – a few respond and most just remain mute.
And it leads me to wanting to scream louder as if they didn’t hear me (ugh plus a haha)

So the Intentional model could be

C – training program
T – i Love to teach and to serve
F – more open and grounded
A – Just keep delivering each week, making offers to asking questions.
R – I don’t know yet because I haven’t implemented but maybe that I have my back and I can respond as needed keeping the i love to teach and serve in the forefront.

My but is I think about my 1:1 clients who aren’t trainees and how I send them reminders and how I don’t freak out if they don’t respond. (But many do) I’m available for them as they need. I want to get to that place with my trainees but there is a different feel with the trainees because this is a professional training program. Even as I write that I can see the thought …

C – training program
T – i am way calmer with my 1:1 clients and the results seem to be better in terms of them asking questions vs the professional trainees asking questions
F – curious
A – really consider what is different here – is it the person, so I need to target better? Is it expectation do I have to be clearer? Do I need to provide more info? More workbooks? Will that help?
R – noticing more thoughts and feelings

Okay… so I have some work to do here. Any added feedback will be helpful.