Trainer …Failure


I’m leading a training right now, and part of leveraging myself is to bring in subject matter experts.

I have a trainer in right now who is absolutely horrible. Horrible. I had vetted her, and I must have missed something because she is scattered and my trainees are all telling me that she is missing the mark.

I am feeling a lot of things.
This is truly a 50-50.

On one side – I now see for myself how I am a really good trainer. Like really good. And I am super inspired to get even better.

On the other side
– she is incompetent
– I am paying so much money for this
– she is awful
– I have to monitor the program and it is taking away from my ability to parent my kids.

The facts are

– that she isn’t following a process (she told me that), – she isn’t sharing the context for what she teaching – – My trainees are telling me that they aren’t getting it, they are telling me that she is contradicting herself.

Maybe those are all thoughts and not facts?
As I reread them maybe they wouldn’t hold up in a court of law?? I’m not sure

What I do know is that while this is feeling very horrible, it is opening up a new power in me – clarity, boundary, understanding.

To help me further, can you give feedback on what I am perceiving to be the facts? Anything else you would suggest I look at?

This is a horribly cool experience (ha!)