Training vs Coaching — or even IQ/Intelligence – right/wrong decisions

This is my first time using Ask a Coach! I keep having the thought that there is a right/wrong answer when it comes to growing my business. I keep hearing people say that I get to decide if it’s the right step for me, which I understand.

But I also believe that there is definitely a good vs great next step and I keep saying that if I had Brooke C or Stacey B for example to mentor or train me (give me advice, not coach me), then I’d be able to rock this business so much more. If I could just get their input or have them share their ideas on what would work best for my business it would just go crazy with growth!

I sometimes believe I’m just not as intelligent as them and truly am not as creative or business-minded, so I want them to help me make business decisions and to give me guidance on what would grow my business. It’s funny because I have confidence, (most would see me as a very confident person), but then I write this and it sure doesn’t appear that way.

It’s hard for me to actually believe that just changing my thoughts could create an incredible and growing business, because I’m not as business-minded as others. I feel like a need a business class with steps or for someone to tell me what to try, and then I’d take the first step.