Transition from hobby to business

Hi Brooke. I am so pleased I stepped out and signed up! It is freaking me out as I begin to realise my challenge with thoughts. I am re-reading and re-reading the model. I have two questions. 1. I started doing coaching when I was so disillusioned by going to counsellors to help me figure out my blocks. I have a story like everyone else and I have found it hard getting past it mostly due to the nature of this country (Northern Ireland) and the troupes here, that being said I acknowledge myself in my pursuit in helping myself. I have Become a coach and naturally am a coach it gets taken for granted, (i allow it) so my first question is how to switch it from being a hobby to making money? I am frustrated and as I type this I can see me own thoughts however I have also realised after my coach call last week, to hear my own challenges said back to me is powerful and it makes room for me to change and take action! SO how do I CHANGE MY MINDSET TO MAKING MONEY.
2. I also have feelings of unworthiness. I have realised that if i am suppressed in a relationship & it is working (but i am sad) i feel guilty. I am talking about marriage. How doe come me and release the fear that is crippling me as I walk forward in my business. I also need a way to word what I actually love to do for people.

Thank you for your insight and i hope to come to texas and be with you guys!