Transitioning out of freelance work

I had written a question previously about my freelance work and a coach said that I didn’t have to work my freelance work to pay my bills. I was choosing to do that. I really loved looking at the freelance work this way.

I have a business that was previously successful before I became a single mom a couple of years ago. I was meeting my goals and paying for all of my expenses. My question is about transitioning out of the freelance work.

The reason that I started freelance work was to create a sense of security for myself. Relying on making sales and not always knowing how I was going to make those sales put a lot of pressure on me and I had anxiety all the time.

Now, I’ve created a business model with reoccurring revenue and we are at the beginning stages of starting to scale it. With that context, it seems to make the most sense to slowly pull back on the amount of freelance hours I work while I grow my monthly revenue in my business.

However, I’m ruminating over the statement that a coach at LCS said to me which was: You’re choosing to do the freelance work.

In the past, a coach I had told me that I just have to decide to make sales and then they will show up. If I didn’t have sales, then I wasn’t deciding to make them. She focused heavily on the manifestation side of things. Her belief was that if you decide that you’re going to have sales and make it a non negotiable in your mind then you’ll make sales.

There was so much pressure and anxiety for me in doing business this way. But I thought about it again and reconsidered it when a LCS coach said, “You don’t have to do freelance work, you’re choosing it.”

Am I thinking about transitioning out of the freelance work in the most helpful way? It seems like a logical way. Or is it better to “decide” that I’m going to make more sales and manifest my way out of the freelance work and back into the business full time?