Tripwire/Launch with one product or suite?

Hi, I am an entrepreneur but not a coach. I am creating an online course to help families navigate the college planning process. I have been doing this on a one-to-one basis for the last 6 years.

I had originally planned to offer one course, but now believe that it will be less overwhelming (and allow customers more flexibility in choice) to set it up as 4 individual courses that are phased in a chronological order:

1. How to Prepare for the College Planning Journey (the big picture or what to do and when to do it)
2. How the College Fin Aid System Works and How to Strategize for Affordability
3. How to Find Colleges to Apply to that are a Good Academic, Social & Geographic Fit, and
4. How to Apply with Minimum Stress & Maximum Results

I am thinking that my pricing at this point will be aprox $97/per course and bundled for somewhere around $250ish .

I have two questions:

1. Should I try to write all 4 courses and launch them at the same time or just launch with the first?


2. Since I am just starting out, do you think it would be a good idea to have a tripwire (low cost/under $20 offer), such as a mini-course (for instance, just on standardized testing – which would be a splinter off of the first course) to allow customers to get a sample of my work and make it easy for them to become buyers?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions/clarity!