Trying the launch formula by Jeff walker but feeling like I can’t figure out what works.

I feel like I am missing something— I am not finding out how to make consistent money, consistent sales, vs just one here and there. I think I’ve been growing and nurturing my audience for a while but I don’t really have an urgency or scarcity to work with me and I don’t think I’ve niched myself down enough in the past so I’m trying that by launching a small digital product and doing a series of launches over the next few months to see if that helps

These thoughts make me feel like I’m failing and I would like to be confident with knowing that I’m doing the right thing to make sales but in order for me to get that confidence, I need to find a way that works for me. So I’m kind of going back to basics and doing mini market research for my product before launching and selling from there. Any advice on how to go about this?