Turning down work regret?

Yesterday I had an acting job come up that would have been a huge opportunity for my career (great show, great role, great pay, great director etc.) and this specific contract of work was the exact contract left to accomplish on my 2017 goals.

EXCEPT the actress needed to be comfortable with a nude scene, which I decided a long time ago wasn’t something I was going to do. I turned it down and while it felt like the choice I wanted to make at the time, now my brain keeps wanting to freak about it with thoughts like “this could have been a big break for you” “you’re going to regret that” “this was your chance to meet your final goal”. Any advice on how to reconcile?

I’ve tried to think of it in terms of another business, which has been semi helpful. Like if someone asked you to be a personal trainer, there would be no drama around you saying “oh that’s not something I do, you’ll want to look for someone else.” So it brings temporary relief to think that thought, but the other thoughts keep sneaking back in.